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Trash Removal

  • Provider: Republic Services
  • Pickup days: Trash pickup is every Wednesday, except holidays where garbage pickup will be the following business day. 
  • How to position your garbage cans (Totes):
    • In order to improve the consistency and service of trash items that are picked up, Republic Services asks that the totes be placed at curbside. Republic uses trucks equipped with a mechanical grapple which is operated remotely by the driver.  For this to operate properly, the cans must be a minimum of 18” apart and within one foot of the curb to allow this device to grab the tote to be dumped in the truck.  There are directional arrows on top of both tote lids that must point to the street. 
    • Republic asks that all cardboard boxes be broken down and if they are unable to be placed in the bin, they can be stacked and tied or taped together so they do not scatter. 
  • Rules regarding Garbage collection & cans:
    • Garbage receptacles may be placed at the curb no earlier than dusk on the evening prior to trash pick-up (Tuesday night).
    • Garbage receptacles must be returned to the resident’s garage no later than 9:00 p.m. on the day of garbage collection (Wednesday night). If you are traveling or unable to return your receptacles to your garage during this timeframe, please make arrangements with a neighbor.
    • Garbage receptacles must be stored in the resident’s garage. Garbage receptacles may not be stored anywhere else on the resident’s property.